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Wall Renovation

Wall Renovation

Wall refurbishment is a modern, efficient and great value option for upgrading exterior walls. The service involves carrying out any necessary repairs to walls, before applying a flexible and breathable coating to them. This instantly upgrades the appearance of your property and ensures it remains protected from the elements too – the new coating we apply has a life expectancy of 20+ years. Our products are guaranteed for 15 years for your peace of mind.

Our wall renovation service has a variety of options on offer including exterior wall coating, wall cladding, roughcasting, rendering, exterior painting and wall insulation all with the aim to improve the function of your walls and the appearance long-term. Renovation and protection practices, such as wall coating and cladding is best carried out by professionals as it’s easier than you would think to get it wrong which can lead to further problems. It’s effectively just an overall term people use for all of the specialist wall treatments that we have on offer.


The systems we offer include the application of Textured, Smooth & Clear Coatings these can be applied in a colour of your choice or a clear finish to various substrates such as brick, stone, render and lots more.

Make sure you get a qualified surveyor to survey the property before you start spending money on your project, as the wrong diagnosis will result in unnecessary expense and upheaval. We ensure a high quality product, specification and installation that are demonstrated through our accreditation as a qualified Andura installer.

  • Waterproofing – coatings are fully waterproof and weatherproof
  • Breathability – important to avoid future damp issues
  • Self-cleaning – the coatings used for refurbishment are very low maintenance
  • Flexibility – the exterior won’t crack or break
  • Aesthetically pleasing – wall refurbishment results in a modern, aesthetically-pleasing appearance
  • A choice of finishes – choose from various colours to personalise appearance
Additional Extras


Wall tie replacement

We can survey the existing wall tie condition and position within the wall and offer a practical solution to ensure that the cavity wall remains structurally sound to carry out the purpose it was designed to do.


Wall stitching

Wall stitching is a type of masonry repair. We use our masonry crack stitching systems to reinforce walls. We use different types of crack stitching bars, which will be grouted across the cracks or pinned into the masonry, reconnecting the wall.


Damp course injection

Damp proof injection is a fast, cost-efficient and highly effective form of damp treatment. It is commonly used as a remedial damp proof course on buildings where the existing DPC has failed due to age or deterioration.


Material Choices

  • Cladding
  • Wood
  • Hanging tiles
  • PVC
  • Weatherboarding

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The Process
Anti-fungal wash
This is a stage in prepartion, cleaning the canvas for what follows. It kills and prevents the reappearance of unsightly growths of mould, algae, fungi, moss, etc which can cause paint to peel off.

Replace (materials)
Following a clean up of the area in question, we now undergo the process of replacing the relevant materials based on your own specific requirements. This is laying a base, or fixing any previous issues.

We offer a various render and we can help you choose the right option. We offer a repointing service to replace any existing pointing that may have deteriorated, and prevent degradation of the mortar.

Exterior coating
If the exterior walls of your home are starting to deteriorate, don’t wait. Our professional teams can prepare and protect them, solving any damp problems and improving the functionality and appearance of your property.

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