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Roof Renovation

Roof Renovation

Your home or business premises is most probably the biggest investment you have. You’ve got to keep it protected. Roof refurbishment, also known as roof renovation, is a process that allows you to keep your existing roof, upgrading it to make sure it looks its best and functions effectively for many years to come. The process involves a thorough roof clean and treatment process, any necessary roof repairs, before a primer is applied, followed by a coat and seal. Once your roof has been refurbished, you can expect its lifespan to be extended.

  • Cost-effectiveness – repairing and protecting your roof through a renovation service is more cost-effective than replacing it.
  • Aesthetic enhancement – we repair the roof first, realigning tiles, replacing missing ones, and repointing ridges and verges if needed. We upgrade the appearance of your roof and ensure it stays looking its best.
  • Bio-side treatment included – this treatment is used before the repair process, which will kill any rooted organic growth and prevent it from coming back.

Roof tiles have a limited lifetime as they are exposed to Scotland’s elements, due to heavy rain, pollution, sun and snow eating away at their surface. Over the years they become less watertight, and moss, lichens and algae start to settle in. Also water settles into the tiles creating alot of extra weight for your roof to burden. This promotes moss growth damaging the tiles further, blocking up your drains and making your roof look unsightly.

Coating your roof with our industry leading roof paint will stop all of this using it’s breathable, thermal, reflective, flexible and waterproof properties.

Additional Extras



Roof felt acts as a protective barrier for your property, keeping your roof in good condition is important. Damage to your roofing felt can lead to leaks and other problems which can become costly. We offer a range of refelting solutions to protect your home.


Timber treatment

Identify woodworm in your property today and save yourself time and money in the future. If you feel you may have a problem, we can assess your property and if needed, remove the woodworms by treating the wood itself, with a swift turn-around.


Drone survey

Our fixed wing drone is capable of high accuracy and high resolution mapping over large areas. Drone surveys are a much faster and cheaper method in reviewing the conditions of rooftops and are becoming a more commonly adopted solution.

The Process
Anti-fungal wash
This is a stage in prepartion, cleaning the canvas for what follows. It kills and prevents the reappearance of unsightly growths of mould, algae, fungi, moss, etc which can cause paint to peel off.

Replace (materials)
Following a clean up of the area in question, we now undergo the process of replacing the relevant materials based on your own specific requirements. This is laying a base, or fixing any previous issues.

We offer a various render and we can help you choose the right option. We offer a repointing service to replace any existing pointing that may have deteriorated, and prevent degradation of the mortar.

Exterior coating
If the exterior walls of your home are starting to deteriorate, don’t wait. Our professional teams can prepare and protect them, solving any damp problems and improving the functionality and appearance of your property.

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